The Empire


The desire and drive of the underground Houston rap scene since the late 90's is unprecedented. The rap scene in the city of syrup has long dominated the streets and airwaves from Houston's inner city to the suburbs. Houston is one of the few cities that their fans will buy underground music over mainstream artists. GT Garza is an artist birthed from this scene and the inherited grind is displayed through his music. Garza's music has graced us for years, putting out countless quality projects in a realm of consistency. It is only evident that his love for making music is authentic, as Garza is everything music and music is everything Garza. Everything Garza touches is a work of art, from his melodic chippy lyrics to his well thought out directed visuals. Garza is set to release his most anticapated album The iLLest early this year. The iLLest will probably be an album that will go down as a classic. The La Maquina empire is here to stay, do be prepared to conform.